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November 2015

  • 20151015-IMG_2757

    The Transformation of the Garden

    mary mc caughey ~ st. john’s lodge garden ~ regent’s park ~ october 17th 2015 “Wherever European artists make the difficult attempt to grapple with an existing order, as they so often did in…

    2 November 2015
  • 20151015-IMG_2667

    The Mouth Organ

    mary mc caughey ~ queen mary’s garden ~ regent’s park ~ 17th october 2015 “Des Esseintes fell into revery. The fireplace piled with logs gave forth a smell of burning wood. He opened the window…

    2 November 2015
  • 20151020-IMG_3405

    Music for Autumn

    mary mc caughey ~ royal botanic gardens ~ kew ~ october 18th 2015 DJ Mary MC English Garden Lounging ~ Autumn 2015 Annabel – Goldfrapp ~ Tales of Us Drew – Goldfrapp ~ Tales of…

    2 November 2015
  • 20151025-IMG_4324

    The Romantic View

    mary mc caughey ~ st. james’s park ~ 25th october 2015   English Garden Lounging’s new seasonal contemporary art magazine, The Romantic View, is launching in December 2015. To join The Romantic View mailing list or for…

    2 November 2015